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Peafowl for Sale from Amy's Peacock Paradise

Interested in starting your own peacock flock, or need some new birds? These little guys need new, good homes. Please remember that raising peafowl entails quite a lot of responsibility, and if this is your first time raising them you should do a great deal of research first to make sure you have the resources and patience necessary to give them the best home possible.

Birds for Sale

I am currently taking orders for the following varieties of 2004 hatch peachicks:

White (unsexed)$25
Blue Pied$35
Silver Pied$60

These prices are for chicks between two weeks and two months old. Birds may be sexed or unsexed, depending on the chick's type and age.

By the end of the summer I may also have peachicks in the following colors, but I cannot guarantee it. Please email me about pricing and availability:

White Eyed
Emerald Spaulding
Purple Blackshoulder

My first peachicks hatched on June 22, and more are due to hatch every week. If you are interested in purchasing chicks or month old birds, please email me and I can put you on a wait list. As soon as whatever you are looking for hatches out, I will let you know. Unless you have particular circumstances, I prefer to keep all chicks for at least two weeks to be sure they are healthy and eating well.

A note about purchasing birds

Me and my birds are located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. At this point, I do not plan to ship birds, so all peafowl must be picked up. If you have questions about my specific location, are interested in purchasing some of these peafowl, or have any questions, please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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