My Awards

I am very honored to receive these awards. Thanks again to all those who believed my site was worthy of them. If you have a little time, please check out some of the wonderful sites they came from.

This one will always be special because it is the first award I received for this site. This award was given to me by the creator of this site's original background, which it had for over a year.
July 5, 2000

I received this award from a really nice site about three ragdoll cats. It's a great site to check out if you have the time.
July 6, 2000

This was from a site all about guinea pigs. Another great site to visit.
July 7, 2000

This award is extra special to me because the world of fantasy is another one of my strong interests.
July 7, 2000

Another of the many great pet sites on the web. Thanks again birdboy.
July 7, 2000

Thanks for the cute award!
July 7, 2000

This one was a little more difficult than some to win, so I was a little surprised at getting it. Thanks!
July 9, 2000

J   Amy's Peacock Paradise   J
has won PetBunny's Spectacular Pet Site Award!
Congratulations Amy !
© PetBunny

Another great pet award from a great site!
July 9, 2000

This award came from a great wildlife site, and it can't be more true, I am an animal lover. Thanks!
July 11, 2000

Pooped Puppy Award

Another award that was a little more difficult to win. I am proud to have it.
August 22, 2000

I earned this award from one of my great Fantasy Fights supporters. Thanks!
September 16, 2000

Another award from one of my supporters. Thanks Tina!
September 23, 2000

This was left in my guestbook, but I just had to put it on my page. It is so beautiful.
September 26, 2000

Another nice award from one of my supporters.
October 2, 2000

I came upon Sandra's site when she was in a web competition. Although she's not currently competing, her site is great and definitely worth a visit.
October 8, 2000

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