Name My Peacocks Contest

The results of the contest are in, and all my peafowl are currently named. However, there are many eggs in the incubator due to hatch any day, so I certainly hope more names will be in order soon. There were many suggestions that I really liked, but just did not seem to fit the personality of my birds. The entries will hopefully be reviewed again soon, so keep leaving me suggestions at your whim!

And now onto the winners ...

Male Cameo: Dusty -- suggested by Ann of The Pet Pad
Female Cameo: Sandy -- suggested by Ann of The Pet Pad
Female Purple: Skye -- suggested by Megan
Male White: Zephyrus
Female White: Arabella -- suggested by Katie
Male Silver Pied: Zues
Female Silver Pied: Athene
Male Blackshoulder: Kirby -- suggested by Daniel of The SuperBuen Home Page
Female Blackshoulder: Hera

Ok so I admit it, I did go off on a Greek mythology trip and named a slew of my birds after deities. However, I think the names are quite fitting, and if you want full explanations why, visit the individual pages dedicated to each pair of birds. My personal favorite is Zephyrus, the Greek name for the west wind.

Still want to join the contest? Leave me your suggestions in the contest guestbook or read all the entries in the contest.

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