Congo Peafowl

Congo Peafowl are found in the wild only in the rainforests of the Congo Basin in Africa. They are not domesticated and are believed to be endangered. A few have been bred in zoos, however they need to be kept in indoor houses with monitored temperature control. Not very much is known about this type of peafowl, which was discovered in 1936.These peafowl live in small groups, consisting of a male and a few females.
Peacock Coloration: Congo peafowl are only slightly larger than the size of a standard chicken. Males lack the long train of their Asian cousins and have no ocelli, although they do have head crests, and are dark green in color, with blue heads and chests.
Peahen Coloration: Females are light brown and chestnut with some green on their necks.
Origin: Congo Peafowl are found in the wild only in the Congo Basin in Africa.
Do they breed true?: Yes, however Congo Peafowl are only bred in captivity in zoos and wildlife preserves.

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