I would like to thank all the wonderful people who helped make this site possible. I appreciate their help, information, and photos very much.

A huge thank you to Alex Anconda for allowing me to use many of the wonderful photos from his site, Ancona's Peafowl.
Manny for helping me with information about cameos, silver pieds, and sex-linked and pied genetics.
Barry for allowing me to use photos from his website, Feathersite.
All the people who donated their pictures to Barry's website: Josh Hoffman, Bill and Sue Tival, and Shabazin.
Valerie Farris @ 3 Peas Farm for sending my some photos and for having a wonderful site explaining peacock genetics; including basic as well as pied and sex-linked genetics.
Wolfgang Mennig and The Pavo muticus Conservation Breeding Project, for striving to conserve all three subspecies of Green Peafowl, and allowing me to use some of the beautiful pictures from his site in the database.
Rachael Body for contributing pictures of her Buff Spalding, India Blue Pied, and Black Shoulder White Eyeds.
Sylvia of Averill Farms Game Birds for contributing pictures of Java Green, White Spalding, and Emerald Spalding peafowl.
Jane Smith for sending me photos of her India Blue and Black Shoulder birds, and her India Blue x White cross.
David Church for being a constant supporter of the database and contributing multiple photos of his birds.
My wonderful peacocks for being photographed and appearing on some of these pages.

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