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The Peafowl Varieties Database

Because of the beauty of peafowl, and the many wonderful people who decided to delve into the vast and complicated world of genetics, there are now quite a few different varieties of peafowl. And yet most peafowl enthusiasts never get to see these beautiful newly colored birds. So here I have gathered information and pictures about all these different mutations for those who'd love to admire their beauty, but don't have the resources to own them themselves. It certainly isn't complete, but I'm working on it. Even I haven't seen most of these birds, and so I need some help to get this site to its full potential. If you have any information or pictures of any of the types, especially the ones lacking of photos or info, please follow the link at the bottom of this page to find out how to send them to me. I would appreciate it greatly!

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India BlueWhiteBlack Shoulder
Java GreenIndo-Chinese GreenBurmese Green
SpaldingEmerald SpaldingPied Emerald Spalding
India Blue PiedSilver PiedWhite Eyed*
Cameo SpaldingOaten SpaldingPurple Spalding
Cameo PiedPied SpaldingPurple Pied
Red Buff SpaldingWhite SpaldingPurple Blackshoulder
Black Shoulder White EyedOpalPeach

*denotes lack of photos available

Warning: Due to the nature of this database, most pages are graphic intensive and may take some time to load. I'm quite sorry about this, but I think the beautiful photos make up for the inconvenience. The text should load rather quickly, so if you are in a hurry you can stop your browser from loading all the pictures if you choose. I have done my best to keep loading time to a minimum, but decreasing the size of the photos too much takes away the precious detail and color that make them worthwhile. I hope this will not be a problem.

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