So you want to help with the database? There are many things you could do, but the easiest and most helpful of all would be to send me a picture or two of your peafowl, especially if you have some of the less common types. All you have to do is write me a little note letting me know what type of peafowl it is and its gender and approximate age if known, attach it to your email and send it to AmyAmyM@aol.com, it's as simple as that. I'm looking for all types of pictures; ones of males, females, chicks, yearlings, whatever. Anything could be helpful. Even if it contains multiple types of peafowl, I can alter the image and separate the different types if necessary, just let me know which bird is which. And what do you get for helping me out? Well, I'll give you full credit for the image or images, with a link to your email or site with each pictures, and you'll also be listed on my credit page with whatever info you want to include there ... a webpage, phone number, email address, etc. Come on, its free shameless self promotion here, just for sending me a picture or two.

So maybe you don't have a digital camera or scanner to send me your pictures online. No problem, just email me telling me that and what kind of picture(s) you have, and I'll provide you with a snail mail address you can send them to. When I scan them in I'll send you a digital copy of the pic, and I can even return the original if you ask.

So what else can you do to help? Well if you know anything about a peafowl variety that I don't have on my pages, just tell me the info, and I'll be happy to include it. Sure I can describe what the different types look like in pictures, but if someone who actually know unique things about the different types would like to provide me with information that would be great. You'll get your name listed by the information and then of course on my credits page.

There are other ways to help too. If you know someone who knows a lot about peafowl, let me know who they are and how to contact them. Found a good online site that has lots of pictures whose creator may be willing to share, then send me a link. Suggest a good book with peafowl info. Anything that could help me develop this site would be greatly appreciated. I am creating this site to help peafowl lovers everywhere, and you not only get to be part of it but you also get self promotion to help with your site or to help sell your peafowl. So please, start sending me your photos and info.

And of course, thank you so much to everyone who has or will in the future contribute to this site, and to those who find this site I hope you find it useful and to your liking.

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