August 19th, 2003
A page on Purple Blackshoulders has been added.

August 8th, 2003
The page on Purple peafowl has been significantly revised. A small amount of info has also been added to the Opal and Charcoal pages. New pages dedicated to Cameo Spaldings and Purple Spaldings have been added.

July 6th, 2003
More indepth information on Buff and Redbuff Spaldings and the difference between the two has been added to the Redbuff page.

July 3rd, 2003
Photos of a male cameo in display and a red buff spalding hen at eight months have been added to their respective pages. Also, a better picture of an oaten male in display has been added.

November 23rd, 2002
I'm so very sorry for the long gap in updates, school is very hectic and after adding 12 new peafowl to the farm I have been busy with the new birds. I will try to update more frequently if possible. Expect large updates in the weeks preceding and following Christmas as I have an unusally large winter break.

Anyway, on to the updates. Pictures of a white chick, a blackshoulder chick, and a buff spalding chick have been added. Since I recently purchased a trio of blue pied white eyeds, a page dedicated to this type complete with photos should be added soon.

August 23rd, 2002
The bronze page has been updated. A photo of a bronze hen has been added and the description modified. A page on the charcoal color has also been added and includes photos of both male and female adult birds.

August 4th, 2002
The photo of a silver pied male in display has been removed due to incorrect crediting. A page has been added featuring Buford Bronze peafowl, although unfortunately it contains no photos. *hint hint* (If anyone out there has any photos, please send them this way!)

August 1st, 2002
Sorry for the long delay in updates, July has been a busy month for me and I have been away on vacation much of the month. Now I'm back and plan to keep updating frequently. A new page dedicated to Opal peafowl has been added. I am currently working on pages about the charcoal and bronze peafowl, but am in need of photos. If you have any you could send, it would be appreciated!

July 9th, 2002
"Previous" and "Next" buttons have been added to all pages so you can go straight through the database in some semblance of order if you prefer. The following pictures have been added: a one day old India Blue chick, a two year old Java Green male, a mature Black Shoulder male with train, an India Blue X White cross with visible white primaries (located on the White peafowl page), a yearling India Blue Pied cock, a yearling India Blue Pied hen, and a pair of yearling India Blue Pieds.

July 6th, 2002
A new page dedicated to White Spaldings has been added to the database. Photos of the following have also been added to their respective pages: Java Green chicks, a Java Green pair, a Black Shoulder White Eyed chick at one week, a Black Shoulder White Eyed chick at one month (such a cutie!), and a Black Shoulder White Eyed 3 year old male displaying.

July 5th, 2002
The drop down menu has been added to all pages. The site has also been optimized to load faster, and a picture of a silver pied male displaying has been added. More pages and pictures are coming soon.

July 4th, 2002
Happy Independence Day everyone!
To make navigation throughout this site easier, a drop down menu has been added to half of the site. It will be added to the remaining pages in the near future.
The following new photos have been added to their respective pages: mature white male with train, closeup of a Java Green head, emerald spalding male, pied emerald spalding pair, juvenile India Blue pied, and a mature India Blue pied male in display. More pictures will be coming soon!

July 3rd, 2002
All the old pages have been remodeled into the new layout. The links to the Pavo muticus Breeding & Conservation Project have been fixed. New pages dedicated to Black Shoulder White Eyes and Red Buff Spaldings have also been added.

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