Oaten is the common name given to cameo blackshoulders.
Type of mutation: Oaten is a combination color and pattern mutation. Its cameo coloration is a color mutation, while the blackshoulder traits come from a pattern gene.
Peacock Coloration: Male are colored the same as cameos, except instead of having tan and brown barred wings, their wings are a solid light brown color.
Peahen Coloration: Hens are a light cream color with tan speckles and chocolate brown on the neck.
Peachick Coloration: Chicks appear very similar to those of the blackshoulder.
Origin: Oatens are produced by combining the cameo and blackshoulder mutations.
Do they breed true?: Yes, oaten x oaten will produce 100% oaten chicks. However, like the purple and cameo, oaten is a sex linked mutation. This means that when a oaten cock is bred to any other type of hen, all the female offspring will be oaten and the males offspring India Blue split to oaten and the hen's color. Oaten hens cannot produce oaten offspring when bred to other types of males, only offspring split to oaten. Since the mutation has been along for many years, there is not a shortage of males like in the purples.

Mature Oaten hen
Mature Oaten hen, photo courtesy of Barry @ The Feathersite.

Mature Oaten cock in display
Mature Oaten cock in display, photo courtesy of David Church.

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