White Eyed

The white eye referred to in this peafowl's name is the ocelli on the male's train, not the actual seeing eyes of the peafowl.
Type of mutation: White eyed is a pattern mutation that is closely related to the silver pied pattern. It can be present in many different colors of peafowl, and combined with the blackshoulder or pied patterns.
Peacock Coloration: Males retain their normal coloration, except for a white patch on their throat, and the center of all their ocelli, which are white.
Peahen Coloration: Peahens appear like regular India Blue hens, except for a patch on white on their throats and silverish white tipping on their back feathers.
Origin: White eyeds are the dark pied equivalent in silver pied genetics. They will be produced in 25% of silver pied matings, and also by white eye x white eye pairings.
Do they breed true?: Yes. Such as in the case of dark pieds, white eye x white eye will produce 100% white eyed offspring. Breeding white eyes to silver pieds will produce 50% white eye, 50% silver pied.

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