Buford Bronze

The second of the brown peafowl, Buford Bronze or just Bronze peafowl date back to the 1980's, but are still fairly rare.
Type of mutation: Bronze is a color mutation.
Peacock Coloration: Males are a chocolate brown and are darker than cameos. The train also is of a much darker shade of brown, with ocelli in varying shades of dark brown. Unlike the cameo, Bronze males do not completely lack iradescence.
Peahen Coloration: Hens look similar to those of the purple, except they lack the purple iradescence on the neck. Their bodies are a chocolate brown, with the wings slightly darker. The neck is a dark brown.
Origin: Developed in the 1980's by a man named Buford Abbolt.
Do they breed true?: Yes, Bronze x Bronze will breed true.

Bronze hen
Mature Bronze hen, photo courtesy of David Church, taken with the permission of George Connor.

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