Purple Spalding

Type of mutation: Purple Spaldings are a combination of the Blue and Green hybrid and the Purple color mutation.
Peacock Coloration: Purple Spalding cocks have pretty much the typical Purple plumage, but have a taller, leaner body structure with colored facial skin and a tight crest.
Peahen Coloration: Hens are a darker, more reddish brown in color than regular Purple hens, and they may exhibit more purple coloration on their necks. They also often exhibit yellow facial skin and have a tighter crest.
Do they breed true?: Purple Spalding x Purple Spaldings will produce 100% Purple Spalding offspring. But, the amount of Green traits exhibited will vary from bird to bird, as with all Spaldings. The Purple gene remains sex-linked.

Purple Spalding cock
Purple Spalding cock, photo courtesy of David Church.

Purple Spalding cock
Purple Spalding cock from back, with Blackshoulder Purple hen, photo courtesy of David Church.

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