Purple Blackshoulder

Type of mutation: Purple Blackshoulders combine the sex-linked recessive Purple color mutation and the autosomal recessive Blackshoulder pattern mutation to create a very desirable bird.
Peacock Coloration: Purple Blackshoulders have typical Purple coloration except for the shoulders, which are a solid light brown in color.
Peahen Coloration: Hen are mostly white in color, with splotches of dark brown and black on their backs in typical Blackshoulder fashion, however there is often times less coloring than on regular Blackshoulders. The main thing that distinguishes Purple Blackshoulder hens from Blackshoulder hens is the patch around the neck includes iridescent blue and purple feathers as well as the usual rust.
Do they breed true?: Yes, Purple Blackshoulders do breed true. When a Purple Blackshoulder male is bred to a different type of hen, all female offspring will be Purple in typical sex-linked fashion, however the Blackshoulder trait will only show itself if the hen exhibits or carries the Blackshoulder gene.

Purple Blackshoulder hen
Purple Blackshoulder hen, photo courtesy of David Church.

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