Red Buff and Buff Spaldings

Though not overly obvious by their name, Red Buff Spaldings and Buff Spaldings are the spalding equivalent to the India Blue blackshoulder, although there is also some Cameo blood in the mix. Buff Spaldings are 50% Green, 50% India Blue, while Red Buff Spaldings are 75% Green.
Type of mutation: The bird is still a hybrid of the Java Green and India Blue, but is also a pattern mutation as well.
Peacock Coloration: Males are the same in outward appearance as normal spaldings, with the exception of black wings with some brown coloring instead of wings with white and black barring.
Peahen Coloration: Hens are a motley assortment of off white, various shades of brown, black, green, and rust feathers. Buff Spalding hens are usually cream and other lighter shades, while the Red Buffs are darker rust and brown. The blackshoulder traits shine through by the patch of dark rust feathers present on the neck.
Peachick Coloration: Buff and Redbuff Spalding chicks resemble normal blackshoulder chicks when first hatched, with yellow bodies and peach or buff wings. The chicks begin to show patches of rust coloring after a few weeks.
Origin: Buff Spaldings were first produced by Ernie West and Jack Siepel by a series of crosses involving Java Greens and Blackshoulders, and one cross to a Cameo. These birds are normally considered as "blackshoulder spaldings," even though regular blackshoulder spalding hens can be produced that do not show the buff or redbuff colors.
Do they breed true?: No, Buff Spaldings do not breed true because it is a hybrid. The blackshoulder trait will breed true however, no matter the percentage of green vs blue blood found in the birds.
More information on Buff and Redbuff Spaldings can be found in the February 2003 issue of Peafowl Today.

Buff Spalding chick
Buff Spalding chick, photo courtesy of David Church.

Buff Spalding hen at eight months
Buff Spalding hen at eight months, photo courtesy of David Church.

Mature Buff Spalding hen
Mature Buff Spalding hen, photo courtesy of Rachael Body.

Mature Buff Spalding cock
Mature Buff Spalding cock, photo courtesy of Rachael Body.

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