White Spalding

White Spaldings have the taller and thinner appearance of the green, as well as yellow facial skin, combined with the pure white coloration of the white mutation.
Type of mutation: The white spalding is a hybrid combined with the white color gene.
Peacock Coloration: Males are, as their name implies, completely white. Faint eyespots can be distinguished in the train by a thin layer of off white that surrounds the ocelli. The actual seeing eyes of the birds are blue. These birds are taller and thinner than India Blue whites, and the crest is taller and tighter. A pronounced yellow loral patch is also visible.
Peahen Coloration: Hens are completely white, with blue eyes, a spalding type body structure, tight bunched crown, and yellow patch of facial skin.
Peachick Coloration: When first hatched, the chick is yellow in color with white wings and looks very similar to India Blue white chicks, although with a slightly different body structure. White chicks are hard to sex until about two years of age when the male will developed wispy tail coverts, because the bird does not change color much in its lifetime, and the male and female look so similar. Chicks born at the same time can sometimes be sexed by the length of their legs. Males often have longer legs than the females.
Origin: White Spaldings were created by breeding the white color gene into the spalding hybrid.
Do they breed true?: No, because of the spalding aspect the birds will not breed true, however the white color trait will.

White Spalding chicks
White Spalding chicks (Java Green chicks in background), photo courtesy of Sylvia @ Averill Farms Game Birds.

White Spalding hen
White Spalding hen, photo courtesy of Sylvia @ Averill Farms Game Birds.

White Spalding male
White Spalding male, photo courtesy of Sylvia @ Averill Farms Game Birds.

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