My Purples
As you can tell from the picture, my purples do not look purple at all!
But what you can't see is that they are developing a deep purple color
around their necks. As he grows, the male purple will do a total color
change, his neck and back becoming as deep purple color and his tail a
light tan with purple eyespots. The female however, will remind mostly the
same, however the purple she has will grow and become more visible.
The purple female is my little doll. She came in the second batch of
chicks we got, and she was the smallest, so she got picked on for a while.
She is now probably the friendliest peacock we have, she will run right up
when she sees me and snatch bread right out of my hands. Often, if the
piece is too big for her to swallow right away, she will run to the other
section of the pen with the other birds chasing her for the extra bread.
She's so cute! although, lately she's gotten my fingers a few times when
she's in too much of a hurry to snatch the food and run.
On the day we first got her, she would not be quiet the whole time. She
kept making all kind of strange noises and wouldn't stop. I felt so bad for
her, she sounded sad. But a few days after we got her she stopped doing
it, so I guess she's settled in pretty well.
The male purple is pretty, but he has almost no personality. He won't
come up to get bread from me, I have to practically throw it right in front of
him for him to even try to eat it. He doesn't seem to react at all to my or
other people. Hopefully this will change as he gets older.
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