My Whites
When I got my whites, one of them was much younger than all my other
peafowl. It was barely older than a chick, and all the other birds picked on
it. We were worried about it, so we separated it and placed it inside a
building with a heat lamp for a few weeks. I though this would be my
opportunity to make a peacock really friendly, but it didn't work this way.
The little peachick was terrified of me, and it shivered anytime anyone
came near it. So when we put it back with the other young peafowl, it was
no more friendly than it had been. The birds picked on it for awhile but
they soon stopped and it blended in well with the other peacocks.
The other white peacock is larger and never had a problem with the
other birds. It is semi-friendly, and is not too afraid of people although he
(or she) does not like them much. Right now we are unable to tell whether
the whites are male or female, because except for size they look exactly
the same. We will not be able to tell for sure until they are over one year
old and if they are males they will begin to develop special tail feather.
Hopefully we will end up with a breeding pair, but that remain to be seen.
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